[SET] Hank´s Painting by Numbers: JD Dream

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Dimension: 40 cm x 50 cm
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Paint by numbers is a perfect gift, nice decor element for every home or just a nice surprise for your mother. Star painting by numbers today and draw this beautiful picture without any painting knowledge. Suitable for all ages from 13+.

The only thing you need is two table spoons of patience, some free time and last but not least … will. Paint with passion and everything will work out just fine – That´s Hank´s guarantee.

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Dimension: 40 cm x 50 cm  
This set contains:
 3x brushes
 Ready to paint canvas
 Set for wall mounting
 Set of ECO friendly acrylic paints

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Why painting by numbers?

 Reduces stress levels..
 Reduces boredom.
 Brings life to your home.
 Reduces anxiety.
 Improves creativity.